Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan


The Minister for Environment has declared the Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan 2021-2022 to replace the 2018-2021 water allocation plan which expires today, 6 December 2021.

The new 2021-22 plan commences tomorrow and ensures continuity of water management and regulatory arrangements in the Western Davenport Water Control District, while a full review of the new plan is completed and a longer term plan is prepared by December 2022.

This process will allow for more active and considered engagement with key stakeholders during the next six months in developing the next plan, which will be supported through the recently established Western Davenport and Ti Tree Water Advisory Committee.

The objectives of the new 2021-22 plan are unchanged from the previous plan and remain focused on responsible and equitable management of the district’s water resources for sustainable environmental, social, cultural and economic outcomes.

The resource condition, estimated sustainable yield, thresholds and other management arrangements, also remain unchanged, as these important matters will be addressed during the full review and revision of the plan in 2022.

There are limited changes in the new 2021-2022 plan to ensure compliance with legislative amendments in the Water Act since the previous plan was declared in 2018, namely the establishment of an Aboriginal water reserve through legislation and the inclusion of new beneficial uses of water.

The Plan applies to an area covering approximately 24,500 square kilometres within the Western Davenport Water Control District.

The District is centred on Kaytetye country with approximately 41% of the District recognised as Aboriginal land.

In recent years there has been strong interest in developing large horticulture developments on these pastoral leases and Aboriginal land in the District.

Information about the new plan is available on the Western Davenport water allocation plan website, available at: DEPWS.nt.gov.au/westerndavenportwaterplan

Quotes by DEPWS Water Resources Division Executive Director, Amy Dysart

“During the next year a review of the WAP will be prepared with input from the Western Davenport Ti Tree water advisory committee (WAC), Aboriginal people and other key stakeholders.

“This will enable a longer term plan to be declared by December 2022.

“We look forward to working with the Water Advisory Committee and its first meeting on the 8th of December 2021.”

Tennant Creek Landscape.
Tennant Creek Landscape.

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