Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan

The minister has declared the Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan 2021-2022 to replace the 2018-2021 water allocation plan which expired on 6 December 2021.

The new 2021-22 plan ensures continuity of water management and regulatory arrangements in the Western Davenport Water Control District, while a full review of the current plan is completed and a new plan is prepared by December 2022.

The objectives of the 2021-22 plan are unchanged from the previous plan. Management arrangements established by the 2018-2021 plan, such as the estimated sustainable yield and thresholds of change, have also been carried through into the 2021-2022 plan.

The limited changes made in this new plan relate to ensuring compliance with legislative amendments to the Water Act 1992 since the previous plan was declared in 2018. The information paper, Summary of changes to the Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan 2018-2021 to declare the Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan 2021-2022, outlines the changes that have been made between the old and new plans and the reasons for those changes.

A full review of the water allocation plan is now in progress and a revised 10-year plan will be prepared by December 2022.

The plan manages the surface and groundwater resources within the Western Davenport Water Control District.

Water management arrangements focus on meeting the values of all water users. A principal objective of the plan is to maintain groundwater levels for the requirements of water dependent ecosystems.

There are no annual announced allocations for water extraction licences in the plan area.

For more information about how the community is engaged in the water allocation planning process, refer to the Western Davenport and Ti Tree Water Advisory Committee.

The 2021-2022 plan replaces the 2018-2021 plan. The new plan and an information paper detailing the changes made to the 2018-2021 plan are below.

The 2018-2021 plan replaced the 2011-2021 water allocation plan. The 2018-2021 plan and the report on community engagement to develop the 2018-2021 plan are below.

The department has established the Western Davenport and Ti Tree Water Advisory Committee to evaluate the current Plan and provide stakeholder recommendations to guide the development of the new 10-year Plan.

The department will prepare a review report to inform preparation of the new 10-year plan. The report will capture the views of the community, industry and government on how the current plan is meeting its key objectives and what adjustments may be required to ensure the new plan is fit for purpose for the next 10 years.

A ‘Have your Say’ survey and public submissions period will also inform the preparation of the new plan in 2022.

For more information contact the Water Resources Division email waterresources@nt.gov.au.

Last updated: 16 May 2022

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