NT Parks Pass to be introduced in 2023 for national and international visitors


The Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security has released the structure of fees for the Parks Pass, which will be introduced in 2023.

The Parks Pass was announced by the Northern Territory Government as part of a suite of changes, including the Online Booking System, and the Department has been working and consulting with the tourism industry and stakeholders to ensure that the price and structure of the Parks Pass will integrate as much as possible with the way tourism works in the Territory.

There are currently various types of Parks Pass in use in other states and territories across Australia and New Zealand with a wide range of price structures. The prices for the Northern Territory are considered moderate.

The introduction of a Parks Pass fee will apply to national and international visitors only. Territorians will be exempt from a fee to enter NT Parks.

Revenue resulting from the suite of changes will be used to support the care, management and development of the Parks estate so Territorians and visitors can continue to enjoy the amazing landscape and flora and fauna for generations to come.

We will continue to share revenue with the Traditional Owners of Jointly Managed parks.

The Parks Pass does not apply to urban Parks and Reserves. For a full list please go to https://depws.nt.gov.au/parks-and-wildlife-commission/changes-to-our-parks/parks-pass

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