Environment Protection Bill 2019


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The Northern Territory is reviewing and reforming the current environmental regulatory system. Reforms are critical to achieving a robust regulatory system that the community will trust while encouraging industry investment and economic growth.

The Environment Protection Bill 2019 is the first stage of the environmental reforms. It has the purpose of introducing improvements to the environmental impact assessment and approval system for the Northern Territory comparable to other Australian jurisdictions and international best practice. It will replace the Environmental Assessment Act 1982 that has been in effect in the Northern Territory since 1984.

Further detail on each of the clauses of the Bill is contained in the Explanatory Statement to the Bill.

Supporting material

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has prepared a range of documents to assist stakeholders to understand the Environment Protection Bill 2019.

  1. The environmental regulatory reform program DOCX (293.3 KB)
  2. The Environment Protection Bill 2019 DOCX (62.6 KB)
  3. Environment Protection Regulations DOCX (58.6 KB)
  4. Developing new environment protection legislation DOCX (59.9 KB)
  5. Roles and responsibilities DOCX (60.2 KB)
  6. The changing role of the Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) DOCX (59.6 KB)
  7. More public participation and scrutiny DOCX (58.9 KB)
  8. Environmental impact assessment system DOCX (594.2 KB)
  9. Environmental impact assessment process PDF (498.6 KB)
  10. Proposed timeframes for environmental impact assessment PDF (797.1 KB)
  11. Referral pathways for impact assessment DOCX (72.8 KB)
  12. Strategic proposals DOCX (60.6 KB)
  13. A new environmental approval DOCX (59.2 KB)
  14. Compliance and enforcement tools DOCX (59.3 KB)
  15. Protected environmental areas and prohibited actions DOCX (59.0 KB)
  16. Financial provisions – environment protection bonds, levies, funds and fees DOCX (60.9 KB)
  17. Closure Certificates and Closure Notices DOCX (59.8 KB)
  18. Transitional arrangements DOCX (59.8 KB)
  19. Mining, extractives and exploration DOCX (61.3 KB)
  20. Energy industry DOCX (60.9 KB)
  21. Pastoral industry DOCX (60.8 KB)
  22. Commercial fishing industry DOCX (60.9 KB)
  23. Farming industry DOCX (61.1 KB)
  24. Future reforms DOCX (59.6 KB)
  25. Frequently asked questions DOCX (68.7 KB)
  26. Environmental regulatory reform PDF (5.5 MB)

Last updated: 13 August 2019

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