Changes to our Parks

Online booking system

Expected implementation from 1 March 2022.

The online booking system will streamline bookings and ensure greater certainty for campers and multi-day trail walkers. It will also provide improved safety for our visitors as we will have better information about where our visitors are on our estate. Better information will also improve visitor statistics for future planning and growth of experiences.

The development of the system is currently in the procurement phase.

Benefits of the system are:

  • Users will be able to book campsites and walking trails increasing visitor certainty and satisfaction
  • Visitors will be able to view open/closed parks, available dates and have greater planning options
  • Prepaying fees will eliminate the need to carry exact currency for fees
  • Staff will have access to statistics and reporting on visitor numbers, profile and satisfaction
  • We can improve visitor safety through improved monitoring
  • It will allow Parks and Wildlife to improve business efficiencies.

The booking system will only apply to camping and walking trails and the parks pass when introduced. For all other Parks and Wildlife permits, the process will remain the same.

Important information about the changes

Plan and book your visit

You will need to book and pay for your campsite or walk online before you go to a Northern Territory park.

Accessing the booking system without Internet

We are working on partnering with regional tourism operators and visitor information centres throughout the Territory so that they can help visitors as authorised booking agents. Agents will be able to help you book and pay for your campsite or walk if you can’t access the internet to book online.

The Parks and Wildlife permits office will also be able to assist with online bookings.

Arriving at a campsite without a booking

If there is an internet connection and a spare campsite is available, then you can book and pay online. If there is no internet connection and there is a publicly accessible Ranger station open, you can also ask Rangers for assistance, however for safety reasons a Ranger cannot take payment onsite. All bookings will need to be made online or through an authorised booking agent.

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Last updated: 16 September 2021

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