Changes to our Parks

New walking trail fees

Expected implementation from 1 March 2022.

A new multi-day walking fee will be introduced for trails across NT parks and will be $25 per night, up to a maximum of $125 for 5+ nights.

The fee will provide much needed revenue to effectively manage the cultural and biodiversity values of our NT Parks.

Multi-day walking trail fees are outlined below.

DaysNightsTrail fee
2 1 $25
3 2 $50
4 3 $75
5 4 $100
6+ 5+ $125

The overnight trail fee is for any person adult or child.

The following walking trails that will have the fee introduction applied are:

  • Jatbula Trail
  • Tabletop Track
  • Larapinta Trail

Camping fees will need to be paid in addition to the walking fee. Trails with camping facilities managed by Parks and Wildlife will be charged at a category B camping rate. Some camping facilities such as Ellery Creek, Ormiston and Red Bank along the Larapinta trail and Leliyn on the Jatbula Trail are managed by commercial operators who set their own camping rates, therefore camping fees may differ.

The table below outlines the fees payable for the Jatbula Trail and Tabletop Track, while staying in a Parks and Wildlife managed campground.

Trail days / nightsTrail feeCategory B camp feeTotal fee payable
2 days / 1 night $25 $4 $29 per person
3 days / 2 nights $50 $8 $58 per person
4 days / 3 nights $75 $12 $87 per person
5 days / 4 nights $100 $16 $116 per person
6+ days / 5+ nights $125 $20+ $145 per person + $4 for additional nights

New fees for the walking trails were developed by creating a comparison of other great walks throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The comparison chart below shows the price for similar distance multi-day walks with some including a trail only fee and others including no trail fee but a compulsory camp fee. The NT’s new fee structure, showing Jatbula as an example, is competitively priced.


Est Km

Average days

Trail fee

Camp fee

Other fees

Total fees payable


Northern Territory - Territorians





$4 x 5 nights


$145.00 per adult

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail

South Australia





Trail fee does not include transport to Island.

Due to bushfires in 2019 – the walk can only be accessed through a commercial operator. This cost was at the time independent walking was permitted.

$311.50 per adult

Overland Track







2 Month Park Pass

$280 per adult

Milford Track

New Zealand residents






Ferry return transport only, no bus transport.

$346 per adult

Important information about the changes

A normal day trip is still free

You can still take a stroll on any of our short walks. The fees only apply to walks where you overnight on the walking trail.

It’s all the same price

The walking fees for adults or a child are one set price. The classifications for a child are the same as the camping fees with a child classified as being from 5 years old to 17 years old.

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Last updated: 04 November 2021

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