Northern Territory Biodiversity Offsets Policy

Biodiversity offsets are designed to compensate for impacts on biodiversity at one site by requiring conservation and/or restoration activities elsewhere.

The Territory Government has committed to implementing a biodiversity offset policy under the Northern Territory Offsets Framework. Whilst avoiding or mitigating impacts to biodiversity is always the preferred approach, when used appropriately offsets are a tool within the environmental regulatory system that can help minimise environmental harm.

A draft biodiversity offsets policy has been developed over the past 18 months, drawing on scientific literature and elicitation of expert knowledge. Technical guidelines providing additional information to assist in the interpretation and application of the draft policy have also been drafted, and will be further developed once the draft policy has been finalised.

Read the draft policy PDF (742.2 KB) and draft technical guidelines PDF (901.9 KB).

Stakeholder consultation

The draft policy was released for public consultation from 11 October to 14 November 2022.

The following submissions were received:

Last updated: 05 December 2022

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