Annual Environment Performance Report

The Annual Environment Performance Report (AEPR) is a requirement under the Petroleum (Environment) Regulations 2016 (the Regulations) and must be submitted at least on an annual basis.

The Regulations require that the Minister for Environment (the Minister) publish the AEPRs in accordance with regulation 25.

The AEPR must include sufficient information to allow the Minister to assess whether the interest holder has met the environmental outcomes and environmental performance standards included in the approved Environment Management Plan (EMP).

2020 reports


Mereenie Oil and Gas Field Proposed Well Sites WM-25 and WM-262020 AEPR PDF (503.1 KB)
Mereenie Oil and Gas Field Central Treatment Plant maintenance upgrades 2020 AEPR PDF (871.9 KB)
PV-13 Connection and PV-02 reinjection skid upgrade Palm Valley 2020 AEPR PDF (489.5 KB)
Palm Valley Oil and Gas Field 2020 AEPR PDF (633.7 KB)
Mereenie Oil and Gas Field2020 AEPR PDF (745.9 KB)
Palm Valley Proposed PV-13 well site2020 AEPR PDF (764.4 KB)

2D Seismic Work Program EP1872020 AEPR PDF (896.3 KB)

Groundwater Monitoring Bore Installation Program EP76, EP98 and EP1172020 AEPR PDF (1.7 MB)

Water Bore Monitoring Program EP1612020 AEPR PDF (550.6 KB)
Santos 2D Seismic Survey Southern Amadeus SAB-PLN-001, Rev 1 approved on 30/11/2017 2020 AEPR PDF (795.3 KB)
Dukas-1 – Conventional gas well 2020 AEPR PDF (923.8 KB)
McArthur Basin Civil and Seismic Program 2020 AEPR PDF (492.6 KB)
Tanumbirini North Water Bore Monitoring Program2020 AEPR PDF (1.0 MB)
McArthur Basin 2019 Drilling Program2020 APER PDF (496.6 KB)

Last updated: 24 February 2021

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